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Sarfraz Bugti, ex-CM Bhootani, Changez Marri strong candidates for Balochistan CM

As Balochistan lawmakers contemplate over a fresh chief minister (CM) after Sanaullah Zehri tendered his resignation on Tuesday, here are three politicians who are strong candidates for the position.

Reportedly, former Balochistan CM Saleh Bhootani, Sarfraz Bugti who has served as the home minister during ex-CM Zehri’s tenure and Nawabzada Changez Marri are strong candidates to replace Zehri.

Bugti has claimed in a media talk today that a fresh chief minister would be chosen within the coming week. It should be mentioned here that brother to ex-CM Zehri, Mir Zafarullah Zehri had also supported the no-confidence motion.

The ex-home minister Bugti said that Sanaullah Zehri had lost confidence of the lawmakers.

Zehri’s resignation has come a day after Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi visited Quetta and convened meetings with multiple lawmakers.

Reportedly, the premier recommended Zehri that he tenders his resignation as he has lost majority’s support in the assembly.

Terror attack as govt stood dissolved

Hours after the national media reported over Zehri s resignation and dissolution of the provincial cabinet, a terror attack was reported near Balochistan Assembly in provincial capital Quetta.

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