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Pakistan formulated more women rights laws than other countries

379903_42612328– Chairperson of the National Commission on the Status of Women and leader of Pakistani delegation Khawar Mumtaz has said that Pakistan does not hold a good image in the world in terms of women rights despite of the fact that the country has more laws regarding the matter than any other in the world.

She was talking exclusively to Dunya News USA Bureau Chief Moviz Asad Siddiqui in New York where she is leading the Pakistani delegation in Annual Women Conference in United Nations.

When asked about the perception of UN about the Pakistani women’s status, Khawar Mumtaz replied: “Usually the UN does not have a nice insight about Pakistani women’s status in the country mainly due to the news coming from the country. But we do try to portray the positive side too and aware them of the achievements and struggles of the Pakistani women. We know that challenges and hurdles exist in the country so we try to bring forward the positive things and accept the negative ones in order to make them right and improve the conditions.”

While replying to a question that how the delegation is contributing towards the positive image, she said, “There are 190 countries and it is a quite formal gathering. A statement is given on behalf of your country describing your achievements, aims and vision. Alongwith this we get an opportunity to meet other countries’ delegation and spread the positive portrayal of Pakistan. Some parliamentarians are also in the delegation which working hard to improve the status and matters of women. The theme of the current conference was about the professional women especially those who work on a low-scale level from their homes.”

On a question about any UN policy or progress in Pakistan regarding the status of maids, Khawar Mumtaz said, “Every type of women is discussed in the United Nations. Even those who work in the homes but are not accepted as a worker and their salaries are also much low. They also do not get any leave. After much research, it is now being stressed in Pakistan that these women should be recognized as workers like others. The policy has been formul

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